and other things you might want to know

Deep in the ART is a creative space.
A workshop. A classroom.
A place for parties. An opportunity.

deep in the ART is a welcoming space devoted
to the experience and celebration
of community, creativity, and imagination.

How it works ... simple.
If you want to make it, we'll help you.
If you want to attend a class, we'll have one.
If you don't want to do either -- and just want to buy the thing -- then we'll sell it to you.

What can we do at Deep in the ART?

* Attend a class
(Click here to see our classes)

* Schedule workspace time
(Click here to send us an email about what you need.)

* Have a party and we'll help you all make something fun - those are ARTY PARTIES!

(Click here to find out about parties!)

* Buy things

* Seek advise on a project you have in mind
(see **below)

* Find an artist with a specific area to explore
(see **below)

** We have access to so many creative people within our reach, we can nearly help anyone with their needs for decor, jewelry, trunk to treasure, or creative consulting of all kinds. CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL telling us HOW WE CAN HELP YOU!

But I'm not "artsy" ... I'm not sure I can do it.
Get real!
In the heart of everyone is a kid who could color.
Release the kid in you! Come have some fun!
No art talent required. Just a good spirit.
100% guarantee: You CAN do it. If not, we’ll do it for you.
And if you enjoy being with other fun people, then plan to come see us!

What does Deep in the ART mean?
You know the song ...
The stars at night are big and bright ... (clap) (clap) (clap) ....
Deep in the heart of Texas!

But perhaps you have never noticed ...

There is no HEART of Texas without the ART in Texas!™

When you talk about Texas, you talk about a big heart. And there is no HEART without ART in it! From the time we could color, we knew there some was something special about our colors. The first things we learn from our parents and teachers are our colors. And from the beginning of Sunday School, many of us learned the song "red and yellow and green and blue - I can paint a rainbow - you can paint a rainbow too!"
And you can!
Try it once - we hope you'll love it!

About us
Read a little about Sandy Parker, owner/manager.

All our reservations are made online.
There will come a day when you pay online too ... (we are in a digital age, you know) ... but for now, you make your reservation, we gather the supplies needed to take the class, you come, have a good time, make something, and leave happy. We stay and clean up ... and leave happy too. Click here for information about classes and how to make a reservation.

Get our notices
We would love to send you our monthly update of classes and other good news.
Just click here and tell us!

What are your hours?
We do not have regular hours.
This is a working studio. That means when we have work, we are there. When we don't, we are often taking a much needed break! Call or send us an email for appointment.

In the Press

"Deep in the Art" was formerly "FauxReal Arts" in Lubbock
and we were on the First Friday Art Trail for over a year
featuring some of Texas' talent.

Come as you are.
Do what you like.
Learn as you go.

Not an artist?
Not the crafty type?
This is much more than arts and crafts!

This is a groovy place to be. An easy place to learn. And a stop filled with interesting and unusual items.

Sandy Parker
finally did something about her interest in art. What began as a birthday present she gave herself (her own art studio)
became a gathering place for other creative people. It became a magnet for fellowship, fun, and exploration of what all can be made with a wide variety of the good stuff: r
ibbon, paper, beads, fabric, metal, buttons, clamps, hinges, rulers, pencils, paints, clay,
glue ... you name it.

Click here to read more about us.


Please tell a friend if you know of someone else who likes this kind of thing!


A word of advise from Fanny Brice ...

Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be,
because sooner or later, if you are posing,
you will forget the pose, and then where are you?
~Fanny Brice