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The little "domino" that could
by Sandy Parker

It started with two friends. Sandy took an art class at Thee Little Bazaar in Midland. She came back to Faux Real Art Studio and taught Jan. Faux Real was (at that time) a creative art space in Lubbock where artists gathered to practise their craft.

The two friends shared new tips and tricks and before you know it we were brainstorming, creating, and developing our own individual styles.
Jan went wild with the great ink colors. Sandy went wild with cool colorful graphics. (Great thing to do for a graphic artist!)

Shortly after that, Sandy moved and had a booth at the Parks and Rec show in Stephenville.

"Suffice it to say," she continues, "The dominoes took off!
There was a wildfire of interest in the "little domino" that could.
Many people said they had never seen anything like this before!"

Others said "Yeah, I've seen dominoes"
"These aren't just dominoes," she retorts amuzingly,

"These are Phenominoes
- Phenomenal Art on Dominoes!"

Sandy Parker is now creating Phenominoes™ for all sorts of stores throughout the southwest and special creations including dominoes with photos on them, custom designs for special occasions and gifts, and even a family tree with your family on it!

eople are inspired to see the endless possibilities from the simple
more artistic versions, to the retro fun ones, to the blinged out variety!"