It started when my friend Miz Ayn ended her lease at a Vintage Resale Store in Lubbock.

Anicia and I renovated the gray building and after a few LEOPARD SPOTS, our new space called
was born.

Once opened in Dublin, the name changed to deep in the ART
and the web name was available. (Can you believe that?) We think it was just meant to be!



Just think of it as
just a little bit
"deeper in the heart of Texas!"








2006 - Sandy Parker finally DID SOMETHING about her interest in art. After a lifelong journey in "everything-hand-made", at 50 she gave herself a present she'd always wanted - a STUDIO of her own. A studio with mango and lime colored walls, splashes of red and brown, and buckets full of all the tools you would ever need to make or re-make nearly anything. What began as a creative workplace soon became a gathering place for other creative people.

"What I found is that other people need creative expression and fellowship too. There's just something fun and even "life giving" about sharing the creative process with others."

We ALL need to exercise our creative muscles!
After years of scrapbooking and creating altered books, paper and photo arts, jewelry, and domestic arts, she discovered (or remembered) how GOOD ART IS for all of us.

2007 - My "beloved" studio in Lubbock soon became a store front across from the Dr Pepper place in Dublin ... and the lime-green painting began! Soon, new friends like Sandy and Karen below were learning new tricks and enjoying making things too!

New Friends Gather

2009 - Phenominoes™ are born!
One of the classes we were enjoying was the DOMINO class. It took off at the classroom as well as a product to sell. We still offer that class ... but also off the commercial product too.
Click here for more about Phenominoes.

2010 - I was "at Market" in Dallas when I got a call from Rodney -- the offer is official. We're moving to Elgin just outside of Austin. We bought a house in Manor - complete with a place for Sandy's tools and "art junk". Phemoninoes continue to sell and Sandy locates again in a space in a Mini-Mall in Elgin.

2011 - EARRINGS IN A JAR was born.
My Mother died in 2012, but during her visits with us, she would always enjoy wearing earrings that matched her outfit. So I got a jar and put a few of all the colors she would need in a jar ... and we started calling it herI EARRINGS IN A JAR.

In 2012, I took EARRINGS IN A JAR to gift shows around Austin and they were a hit!

What have we learned
through all this?

No matter what city or what studio
Deep in the ART
is a creative space
that lives in YOU!

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Here is one of my
favorite quotes and,
to the extent I am able, this is the way
I strive to live.

Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then where are you?
~Fanny Brice




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help you find the